Department of Business Administration & Tourism

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Brief description / introduction

The Department of Business Administration and Tourism (BAT) is located in Heraklion Crete and constitutes the evolution of the Department of Business Administration that emerged in 2013 when the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Tourism Enterprises of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete were merged.

The studies in the BAT department last 4 years (8 academic semesters) where the juniors (students in their 3rd year of studies) can choose one of the following two advanced study orientations:

  • Business Administration (BA)
  • Tourism Management (TM)

It is the only academic department in Crete that offers university level education in tourism, with a modern – innovative curriculum structured to satisfy market needs.

Department’s Vision

BAT Department’s vision is to be established, not only in Greece but also in the Mediterranean Basin as well as in Southeastern Europe, as highly reputable academic department oriented to Business Administration as well as to Leisure Economics and Tourism Management.

Department’s Mission

BAT Department’s Mission can be summarized in the triptych:

(a) Production and transmission of knowledge according to its academic physiognomy
(b) Pursuit of excellence in academia, in both education and research; and
(c) Contribution to the society through the formation of socially responsible graduates

Department’s Purpose

The department aims to provide quality theoretical education and practical training in the areas of Business Administration and Tourism, so that students acquire all the necessary knowledge, resources and skills that will ensure them building a successful career in corporations, institutions and organizations at home and abroad.

The subjects treated by the Department meet the modern needs of critical approach of economics and management science, with emphasis on their individual fields, such as strategic planning, human resource management, quality management, financial management, marketing and decision science. At the same time, the Department has given special significance to the Tourism Management Stream by integrating subjects such as tourism and leisure economics, quality management and tourism services, modern technologies and distribution channels, destination management and creative industries in tourism.

Emphasis on student-centered education

The Department adopts innovative approaches in its effort to integrate in the educational process the knowledge produced by its faculty members through their research and consulting activities. For this purpose, it encourages the systematic involvement of its students in studies of research and advisory nature through its established research laboratories, the implementation of international collaborations with foreign universities, the department’s participation in international research programs, as well as its participation in international educational competitions and conferences.

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