Department of Business Administration & Tourism

Hellenic Mediterranean University

MSc in “Hospitality and Tourism Business Administration”

Since the academic year 2018-19, the Department of Business Administration and Tourism of the Hellenic Mediterranean University has offered a Master’s Degree Program in “Hospitality and Tourism Business Administration”.

This MSc leads to the acquisition of a Master’s Degree following three academic semesters of study. The first two semesters focus on attending a total of 8 courses, while the final semester is dedicated to writing a Master’s thesis (90 ECTS in total). The MSc can be either full-time or part-time with Greek as the official language, and with a maximum of 35 admissions.

Graduates of the Department of Management for Tourism & Hospitality Enterprises and the Department of Business Administration, graduates of Higher Education Institutions in relevant fields of study in Greece or equivalent institutions abroad, as well as graduates of non-related departments who have at least two years of relevant experience, can all be admitted to the MSc. Undergraduate students in their last semester of study also have the right to apply under certain conditions.

The program is carried out at the premises of the Department of Business Administration and Tourism in Heraklion. The relevant courses are taught from November to February of each academic year and the exams take place during the first ten days of March. Classes are three hours long and are taught in the afternoon (excluding weekends). The completion of the study program can be no earlier than 24 months after the beginning of the first academic semester.

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